PREVIEW - First publicly available plug in for CFP V3 fanatics!


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Perfect Panic…

Way 2 go (:CLP)

so true too…

Please note this is a plug in for CFP V3 FANATICS - not for the firewwall itself.

Ewen :slight_smile:

So 3.0 has plugin or can have plugins right?

wat does this plugin do?

Just for fun (:TNG)

But it is quite right, people are getting extremly nervous that the downloadlink isn’t there yet.

(L) They really make it interesting (:TNG)

I would like to report a bug about this plugin :(. My anxiety is roughly half way (slightly over) yet it is still only showing quarter ???. Is there an update to correct this? Anyone else notice the same?


roughly half way?? that was two weeks ago…

way over the red-zone here :THNK

Harry (:NRD)

The plug in detects bug anxiety and auto-adjusts upwards accordingly. :wink:

I know this is somewhat of a “Light hearted” thread…

I heard that they were looking at allowing plug-ins, although i can’t remember if that was going to be in V3 or sometime after the first version of V3 is released?? I can’t wait!!!

I had to modify the code a bit, but it seems to be working for me now.

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(:CLP) Great one Ewen ;D do you have a plug in for MSN by any chance…you would make a fortune

What is the mind of that?

Funny, thanks :smiley:

Looks like the ‘thing’ is already broken with the most people

There never was any official promise on a plugin system, although it attracted Melih’s attention:,8035.msg58712.html#msg58712

From what I understand, there was no “promise” but they have to “look at” whether it is secure, viable, etc… That’s what I was hinting at…

I hope that it can be done, that would be great…

Hi Andreas if you were refering to my post i was laughing at the meter that panic posted as it was really frustrating trying to log into msn groups about a month ago and alot of heated discussions on the mangers boards mass migration and all that…im sure if they had seen panics plug in and had it been an msn plug in… for one it would have relieved their stress…as it was a good distraction waiting on CFP 3 alpha… it was the title that got my attention…and the light humour helped (:LGH)
and i thought i had read somewhere about plug ins for CFP

(:LGH) (:LGH) (:LGH)