Preventing the block of Firefox

I had to reinstall Xp 64 edition, and am going to install comodo firewall later, but last this happen, and after I installed, the firewall, or something, well basically firefox couldn’t connect.

So I’m asking what can I do beforehand to prevent something like this. Thank you.

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The only thing to really do is make sure you set Firefox to ‘‘Trusted Application’’ in D+ and ‘‘Web Browser’’ in the firewall. I also like to disconnect from the Internet when installing (don’t know if that does anything). :wink:

I’m installing various software for the newly installed OS. Under Summary > Proactive Defense , it says “The Defense+ has blocked 2 suspicious…” but I haven’t blocked anything yet.

How do I make it so the firewall alerts me, the user, before blocking anything, so at least I’d know about it?

Go to Firewall > View Firewall Events or Defense+ > View D+ Events to see what it has blocked.
The firewall/D+ will always alert you first, only if there is no rule already set in the policies. The D+ probably blocked something due to its default D+ rules which are recommended for the right level of security/usability.

Go to D+ > Advanced > Computer Security Policy to view them.

“The firewall/D+ will always alert you first, only if there is no rule…” - So instead, changing the previous question, how do I make it so that when the firewall blocks something, it inform me, the user, so at least I’d know about it at the time it was blocked?

That’s the only way CIS works. When you do a fresh install, you have not defined any rules yet, so you’ll get alerts for your applications. What were the two things D+ blocked without telling you? Like I said, there are already some predefined rules in the network policy and D+ policy, but these are for important Windows processes that COMODO has defined (.i.e. windows updater applications and such) which shouldn’t be edited, because it will most likely make configuring harder.

Oh ok, so I cannot make it so the firewall inform me at the time of block. But in Firewall > Network Security Policy , and after editing an application, they have all these protocols, and it doesn’t recommend which should be blocked to prevent the application from accessing to the internet. And I don’t recall the help files saying that either.

It’s already set like that. That’s the way a firewall/hips (D+) works.
If you want everything to be prompted for your consent, then remove every rule from the D+ and firewall policies.

Also consider moving your Firewall setting up to “Custom” and Firewall/Advanced/Firewall behaviour settings/Alert settings–>up to High
If set up like this you will be prompted each time an application which doesnt have a rule allready present for it in "Application rules" tries to connect out,you can then answer the pop-up accordingly(remember if you dont want a rule to be generated make sure "remember my answer" isnt ticked)


“…but these are for important Windows processes that COMODO has defined” - and this is exactly the kind of problem i was looking forward to:

I was updating for and guess what!? the firewall/D+ blocked an update.exe in the Software Distribution path WITHOUT informing me. i can’t copy the whole path name because the firewall’s UI does not allow me to. Who thought of this idea???..

anyhow, i just disabled the firewall/D+ and everything was OK. but i’m wondering if there are any other solutions in the future to prevent this kind of problem from happening again. Suggestions?

“…move your Firewall setting up to “Custom”” - Training mode makes me much more comfortable on my desktop, unless you have a good reason apart from creating rules for ?

If allowing anything and everything to have access makes you feel more comfortable, then I guess there is not much we can say. Most people here want to increase security, not decrease it…