Preventing file saving - Windows error message "no more files"

Firstly I just want to say I love Comodo IS and have never had any problems before hand. Yesterday I updated Comodo as per normal and continued with my work without a second thought. Today however, I attempted to save a .jpg file with the result of a windows error message ‘no more files’ or even sometimes ‘file name is not valid’. After many attempts of trying to determine the cause without result, I decided to back-up any important files to my external hard-drive (strangely, I could still transfer files between folders/drives) and perform a re-install of Windows and clear the hard-drive partitions (needed a good clean out, and with a pre-load capable laptop its not a big task). So once the system was all up and running again, Comodo re-installed also, I continued on with some work thinking the issue had been resolved. I attempted to save a file, and the issue occurred again.
After performing a safe boot I noticed I could save, hence I went with the process of elimination of third party softwares. Turns out after un-installing Comodo I am now able to save files without any trouble.
Anyone else had this issue, and if so is there a work around or resolution?

Was the picture viewer/editor being run sandboxed? Did you make the folder in which you were trying to save a protected folder?

Ok, so I’ve just reinstalled Comodo to test. It happens when trying to save any file in any program, including a picture from the web via google chrome and (shudder) internet explorer. I have tried after disabling auto-sandbox, firewall and also antivirus (basically all real-time), and still having the same issue. The folder does not have any write-protection, nor do any of the other folders I attempt to save to.

I have same problem. I have used Firewall many years and last firewall update prevents saving files. Windows says “no more files”. Only solution for this problem is uninstall whole firewall from windows. After uninstall everything works fine. I really want to use firewall but now it is not possible. Please help. What should I do?

May be other security programs or left over of previously installed security programs are playing a role here.

Try using removal tools for previously installed security programs to remove them. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase .

See if that makes a difference.

What other security programs do you have installed?

I have only Eset32 antivirus and everything has been fine before. Problem started after last firewall update. I have tried that removal tool before and it didn’t fix the problem. If I uninstall Comodo Firewall I can save files. So problem is in firewall settings. I have tried to disable HIPS and other components but it doesn’t help.

Can you see what happens when you add the CF installation folder to the exclusions of Eset av. Does Eset have a sandbox or hips or is it just a plain AV?

We may be looking at a compatibility issue.

A question about Firewall only purely because I haven’t use it in a long time (I use the suite). Does it have the sandbox or hips enabled or disabled?

I experienced this problem on my father’s notebook. Windows 7 home, sandboxing in fw disabled. No other av/fw. Only way how to fix this was uninstalling Comodo Firewall. Tried to install CIS, firewall alone etc., nothing helped.

May be other security programs or left over of previously installed security programs are playing a role here.

Try using removal tools for previously installed security programs to remove them. Here is a list of removal tools for common av programs: ESET Knowledgebase . When needed try running the tool(s) in Safe Mode.

See if that makes a difference.

I have had this problem twice in the last two weeks. I’m running Windows 7 x64. Using the latest version of CIS. Cannot save files to my hard drive or to attachable media (USB stick) – I receive an error telling me there are “no more files” or that the “file name is not valid.” Disabling firewall, HIPS and sandbox makes no difference. Terminating CIS entirely does not work. The only solution is to uninstall CIS and reboot – after that, all is normal again.

I am able to reinstall CIS and things seem to work just fine for a while… but this problem seems to recur after a few days’ use.

I am not running any additional security software, and none of the other programs I’m running (security or otherwise) are new to my system. I’ve used CIS for years and have never seen anything like this, and now twice in a short period of time. Seems like this may be a bug on Comodo’s end.

i had this problem with newest version of comodo firewall.
i actually reinstalled the whole OS win7, without any other antivirus of course, only to find the real problem: this firewall
the older version seemed to work fine

Also, no files/pictures/webpages can be saved with web browser google chrome

I am having the same problem on my ASUS Win 7 64 Home laptop. ‘no more files’ message on ‘save as’ with all programs.
This machine has been running with CIS for over two years but with the early December update to Comodo, this problem appeared. I have been restoring a backup image that does not have this problem all week and isolating which update has caused the problem. I have now isolated it to Comodo. And now I have found this thread showing that others are finding the same problem.
Is there a planned fix and when?

Alright, I have to chime in with all this dreadful story.

This was my first Windows support ticket.

And it led me to this very day.
Not sure why I had missed all these informations up until now, but yeah.

Uninstalling the free Comodo Firewall allowed to clear the error. And now I can finally save again.
There are many other examples of this issue with Comodo. first, second, third. Etc.
It appears english natives have close to none issues, at least by google searching.

That said, I’ve myself run the same Eset Nod32 + Comodo Firewall + some defragmenting softwares on my Windows 7 Home premium 64bit SP1 for 3 and half years on the same machine. NEVER had this kind of issue at all, then it suddendly popped out around November - December last year, but there are other threads around dated far earlier than that.

Clean reinstall won’t do jack capital S if you reinstall Comodo Firewall, or any Comodo product, as it happened to me - and as I reported to my first Windows support thread -. It is indeed comodo conflicting with something that causes this.

NOW, I don’t have any rock solid information, nor I want to waste even more time for trial and error with other softwares, but all this nightmare - at least for me - begun with a Windows Update.
Before that everything went smooth. After that I couldn’t save anymore.

I bought a new PC, Windows 8.1 this time around, and the same Eset Nod32 + Comodo Firewall + defrags are running smoothly and without issues.
So, focusing this thing down I would go on a limp and say that Microsoft did some horribly wrong update as a final goodbye on Windows 7, to bolster that OS security while they focus on something else, and this update basically forces users to delete Comodo - given the fact I’ve tried, and the freaking updates couldn’t be removed -.

Just some heads up.
The windows 7 pc is still running after the clean reinstall, and after today I finally discovered uninstalling Comodo would’ve solved the issue from the beginning. That said, if you had any official word on all this debacle, or whenever you drop an update that SURE AS HELL doesn’t conflict and prevents from saving ANY file, well… give a whistle and I’l reinstall Comodo immediately.

I had the same problem on my Asus laptop (Windows 7 Home premium 64bit SP1). After removing the Comodo firewall and a restart the error was gone, but i kinda like Comodo so i reinstalled it… same error again. :frowning: For my Asus laptop removing “Asus Data security manager” also fixes the problem and lets me keep Comodo :slight_smile: Still wondering where this bug is nested, because removing Comodo also fixes this error. Good luck on fixing this issue! i hope this can help someone. Must say, i dont think ill ever buy an Asus again…

Hi all,
I want to thank Zhitcyzer, for pointing out the solution to this problem!!
I also have an ASUS, W7Home 64bit sp1, and uninstalling “Asus Data security manager” fixed the problem!!
I never used “Asus Data security manager”, but I’m a very long time Comodo Internet Security user, so that for me has been the perfect solution.
I have to point out though, that with previous versions of Comodo IS, I didn’t have any problem, and I’m quite sure it’s not an “Asus Data security manager” update, because the problem still exists even restoring to factory image the laptop, i.e. using a very old version of “Asus Data security manager” together with the last CIS version.
Thanks again Zhitcyzer!! ;D :-TU