Prevent stealing focus etc.

Not sure where I’d post this…

One thing that’s super annoying on Windows is when you’re typing something, another app window steals your focus. In Comodo’s case, it’s the pop-up window asking for permission to allow/block apps that keeps stealing focus each time it appears. This has been increased since Windows 10 was introduced, as it’s always doing and checking something in the background.

I know I can just set up permanent rules there; however, there are certain processes and apps for which I sometimes (say once a week or so) want to allow connections, but otherwise just ignore or block them. It’s easier to ignore if the focus remains where it was before the pop-up.

Any suggestions in this regard? Is this focus-stealing thing a Windows OS limitation or app-specific? (If it’s the latter, maybe it could go on the wishlist…)

CIS alerts stealing focus is surely annoying during normal Windows operation but very welcome when the OS gets compromised by malware which tries to steal all focus, with CIS alerts focus still in place you can act to the malware.

Hi Max2015 & CISfan,

Thank you for reporting, we will check and update you.