Prevent HIPS/firewall from minimizing fullscreen applications?

Hi, is possible to stop Comodo from minimizing a fullscreen application if it is throwing up a hips/firewall alert?
“game mode” is not an option, i still want to be informed.

Yes, you need to either create rules in advanced for the application before it gets executed or add the app to the trusted files list.

Preventing the alert from showing up is not the same as preventing Comodo from minimizing whatever i have in fullscreen if a firewall/hips alert would appear. As i said, making Comodo not show any alerts at all is not the option i´m asking for.(ala game mode)

I know it´s “technically” possible to prevent it, because it does not minimize my fullscreen application 100% of the times(seems random)
So what i´m asking is it´s possible to make this “randomess” go away and not minimize at all.

There seem to be 3 different behaviors when alerts are showing up while in fullscreen:
-text inside quotation marks is how i feel Comodo should behave when 1-3 is happening.-
1.Comodo automatically minimizes whatever i have in fullscreen mode (can be very annoying, should never happen on firewall alerts, at least if sound alert is enabled.)
2.Comodo does not minimize fullscreeen software, let´s me alt-tab when i see fit to respond to the alert (very nice and none-intrusive behavior. Fitting for firewall alerts since they are non-critical for the system to work.)
3.Comodo does not minimize fullscreen, “freezes” fullscreen software, wont let me alt-tab.(BAD, if said HIPS alert is caused by current fullscreen software always minimize. If HIPS alert != related to fullscreen software do not auto minimize, if they are possible to distinguish that is.

Well the idea is that it will switch focus to the alert, to be answered, otherwise default deny kicks in and can lock up/freeze the program usually resulting in a black screen, however sometimes program have anti focus steal code and and will not allow the alert UI to steal focus, then we got a lot of people posting about black screens in the forums, so I don’t see this as a useful option for users.