Preserve Paths - multi-dir/file backups - custom profiles - prevent overwriting

If I create a profile called “ALL” where I want to do a full backup of all kinds of files and dirs all located in different places, I would love to enable CB to preserve the file/dir paths from the source so that similarly named sources are not overwritten

For example, let’s say that ALL includes the following:

C:\Program Files\MyProgram
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\MyProgram

If you tried to have all these in a single bulk backup, they would all be saved in the backup like this:


This would leave all the files disorganized and possibly overwritten.

Rather, the better way would be to have the bulk backup save like this:

Z:\Program Files\MyProgram
Z:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\MyProgram

This prevents overwriting stuff plus it preserves the paths so that you remember where stuff goes

HTH :slight_smile: