A few questions, is the premium version really for free? Or is there a day trial or user limit?
Is your product running with postfix?
And is there a possibility to install korumail in centos 6?


First of all, Korumail Premium is totally free. There is no any user limit or trial day. But new advanced features like containment and our official support are provided only in Korumail Pro version.

Lets come to your other questions, the installation image includes all necessary files and operating system. It is running in centos 7, you can not use it in centos 6. Besides, if you try to use it with postfix it may be overlaped with including system so we do not suggest you to use it with postfix.

Kind Regards,

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Korumail


I will try that! Where can I request a free license code in this list? Sign Up for Comodo Account Management Service . Dont see them anywhere.

Thanks for your reply. I did install Korumail now. Add 3 domains, add IP + port. No LDAP. When testing, I dont receive any e-mail. Looks like it doesnt send the e-mail to my mailserver. Any idea how I can fix this?

Reinstall and now its working.

Can you tell me if I can remove this?

X-SMTP-Filter: Korumail SMTP Filter Engine Korumail 6.5
X-KORUMAIL-Result: Clean (Content eval: 7.000000 points)
X-KORUMAIL-Reason: Classified as clean

Or change “Korumail” to another name?

Hi blixem,

These are necessary headers added to processed emails, unfortunately these can not be removed or changed.


Thats too bad :(.

Also is it possible to setup a relay server on Korumail locally? So we can send out e-mails via Korumail? We have over 9000 domains, so i hope default settings are possible so it’s for everyone the same relay.

Maybe it’s better to do by mail logs you can read the e-mails, queue ID is known, why not adding a text field to check the mail?