Preexisting malware how to discart another infection posibility

Hi everydoy good bless

I have a litle problem when i install comodo and ran the first full scan it found a theart
here the results.

	Tabla	:	Eventos del Antivirus
	Fecha de Creación	:	2013-07-22 05:25:50
	Contar Registros	:	2

Fecha Localización Nombre de Malware Acción Estado
2013-07-22 04:28:51 C:\Users\Alberto\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\WYY53GP6\ut_normal_main[1].htm TrojWare.JS.Agent.PE@300840710 Cuarentena Éxito
2013-07-22 03:24:13 C:\Users\Alberto\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Low\Content.IE5\WYY53GP6\ut_normal_main[1].htm TrojWare.JS.Agent.PE@300840710 Detectar Éxito

Final del informe

I am worried for that because i have the same software i install ever and i dont visit extrange sites always the same and never goes infected using comodo in other computers.

I have used another security products Bullguard and Unthreat in this computer before install comodo and no one finds nothing, and comodo yes.

I am worry to have another preexisting infection or malware on my computer and now that the only i have because the others was hardware damanged (They are old).

How can i discard to have another infection?

I run killswitch and dont see strange entries on proces or autoruns.

Please help i dont have the time to reinstall windows my internet are too slow and i waste two days in reinstallation i will thank your help and time

God Bless you

Please upload both files to VirusTotal and post a link to the results in your reply. This should allow us to get an idea of whether the files are actually dangerous.


Since those are found in your “temp” folder just clean out your temps files and cookies.

Hello Chirion and Maverick . First how can i upload those files if they are now on quarintine? , must i have to quit from quarintine?.
Second i use ccleaner frecuently. Must I have to scan my computer whith another thing?.

Third I dont want to take extreme ways like combofix or gmer because i see they dont work well on Windows 8.

I will try comodo cleaning essentials but do you recomend another procedure to stay secure i dont have another preexisting malware

Thank you and bless

In order to submit them you would need to temporarily restore them from the quarantine. You’ll first want to disable the AV.

Then upload them and post the result links in the forum. After that you can re-enable the AV, scan the files, and move them back to quarantine. That way you’ll be safe regardless.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Open up CCleaner. Click on Options then go to the Advanced tab. Uncheck what I have shown in the screen shot. Run CCleaner again. But CIS has already quarantined them. If you ran CCleaner prior to running a scan then CIS would have never detected it.

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Hello and sorry for the deelay i temporaly disable av as you say Chirion and upload the file to virus total and that the result

But now i scan and canot put on quarintine again i try scan file and affter try to scan folder and the file fispear whth the other files who that folder contains.

I will check ccleaner in a while thank you

Is this drangerous?

Hi sorry i upload the file and disable av and affter i try to reescan folder and dont found nothing and do not resend to quarintine, the file stay in that folder and comodo dont detect as a virus but when i upload again only comodo engenie detects it as a virus.

This looks like a false positive to me. I don’t think your computer is infected.

If you want to be sure you can follow the advice I give in my article here, but it at least appears that the detected file is not actually dangerous.

Dear Guys I am so happy to the support to give me the comunity i really give you thanks from the botom of my heart i se that was a false positive i feel too good to have your support for me and for all i hope will help to you in the future i will retribute son thanks and close the topic

close the topic
Closing topic as requested :)