"Predefined Security Policies" settings undefined???

(R) Hi guys (:WAV) Under “Defence +” tab…“Advanced” tab…“Predefined Security Policies” it lists four items Trusted Applications, Windows System Applications, Isolated Application and Limited Application but…I cant seem to find any information about EXACTLY what is the difference between each of them so i can properly classify a program or file when i get an alert pop up.

Also same question but referring to “Predefined Firewall Policies”

Your response and assistance is greatly needed.

You should be able to select the policy and then right click on “access rights” and “protection settings” to see the difference. For predefined firewall policies select the policy and choose “edit” to see what the rules are for it.

Also, you can click down in the lower left corner of that window “What do these settings do” where they are very nicely explained through the help function. BTW that often unnoticed clickable link appears on virtually every window of the FW gui.