Pre-Analyse New Graphics Driver Software On Day of Release

1. What actually happened or you saw:

Upon release of new Graphics Drivers (at least from AMD - may also be applicable to Nvidia and Intel), many files within the installation file are typically blocked by both Containment and HIPS. This breaks the installation of new graphics drivers with at least Comodo HIPS and Containment turned on.

Furthermore, even with HIPS and Containment disabled during Graphics Driver Software installation, files continue to be blocked once Containment and HIPS is turned back on. This is clearly because these files are not digitally signed and Comodo has not yet analysed them.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

Comodo should analyse all files not digitally signed within each new release of a Graphics Driver install file (by AMD, Nvidia, Intel) on the day the drivers are released as to minimise interruption when installing new graphics driver software.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

To prevent:

  1. Graphic driver software installations from breaking, without the need to disable Containment or HIPS (adding exceptions via CIS popups does not seem to prevent the installs from breaking when tested either)
  2. Prevent files as part of the Graphics Software from being blocked

Hi Reece,

Thank you for reporting the problem with graphic driver software installations, we will fix them.

You may also help us by submitting the applications you would like to see trusted here (with download link):

Sure I can do.

However I would much prefer someone at Comodo to pro-actively lineup new Graphics Driver software for scanning without user requirement.

Maybe a good idea to contact both AMD, Nvidia and Intel to see if you can work something out if possible.

I’m doing a fresh installation of windows and this is exactly the reason I am not so sure about having Comodo on my system anymore. If not for the constant problems with MTP phone-PC transfers COMODO would have been the number one system upkeep time waster for me.;msg882350#msg882350

Hi Bucic,

Could you please submit here the safe applications/files that are being blocked by CIS.

Let us analyse those blocked files and please check if “Trust files installed by trusted installer” option is enabled.

Not really. That’s the thing with driver installers. Oftentimes a blocked file resides in TEMP folder and is removed after the installation concludes. Positively or not. In this case it was an NV*2_29.dll, I think. You can find it yourself.

Another instances were when Comodo Firewall blocked nvidia components from accessing the internet. Months with that driver and nothing. Then several instances of blocked components. Then nothing again. I didn’t note the components, sorry.

Logitech updater, Steel Series control center, you name it. On several occasions I checked the files status and they ware always categorized as safe.

Having a team for this purpose alone would be a solution;
For example, some members of the new software analysis team would have computers with the intel architecture and another AMD. Thus, besides generating jobs, it would reduce the frustration of more demanding users, for example.

Hi Weserew,

Thank you for reporting, is CIS blocking the application/files ?

If so, kindly submit the safe applications/files that are being blocked by CIS in the below link.;msg904921#msg904921

Let us analyze those blocked files and please check if “Trust files installed by trusted installer” option is enabled.