Praise For Comodo Firewall

Hi Melih,

I would just like to say a big thanks to you and your team at Comodo for producing a top quality firewall which has according to the latest test results at has been ranked as the Number 1 firewall!!!, your Comodo firewall has beaten all the commercially available firewalls that have you have to pay for and is made available for free to everyone to use.

I would like to a offer a few small suggestions for you to consider, I would like to see the Comodo firewall have a http referrer filter/blocker as some websites collect information from your browser about the last websites you have previously visited. Unforunately some websites abuse this information for marketing purposes. So it would be nice to have a feature in the Comodo firewall to block this http referrer information from being disclosed. I am aware that some websites do require this information and it would be necessary to provide an option to disable this function when required in the Comodo firewall. Please note that some other firewalls already have this feature incorporated in their design.

Would it also be possible to include a Web Bug filter into the design of the Comodo firewall as these can also be used to track your surfing behaviour.

I have also being closely watching the development of your Comodo Anti-Viruspyware (CAVS). I am well aware that your team has focused very strongly on developing the HIPS protection offered by CAVS as you quite rightly point out it is very important to keep harmful Virus/Spyware infections from ever getting into your computer. Unfortunately however your CAVS has not yet reached the 95%+ detection/removal of Virus/Spyware infections, but I am confident you and your team are working hard to achieve that goal and that CAVS will be submitted to independant testing authorities such as Virus Bulletin and ICSA Labs for very thorough evaluation and official certification.

I am very confident that your freeware Comodo CAVS will eventually be proven to be a reliable and
top quality freeware product with detection and removal rates of Virus/Spyware infections that match the commercially available products. AVG and Avast Antivirus freeware products do not currently have the same level of detection and removal rates of Virus infections as the commercially available products and they need to further develop and improve the technical design of their products. Hopefully Comodo CAVS will prove to be very popular with freeware users everywhere and this increased competition will prompt AVG and Avast to improve the performance of their products.

Anyway many thanks to all the team at Comodo who have worked hard to provide computer users with a top quality freeware firewall.


Just one little quantifier on your Matousec comments, jputting…

They have rated CFP as #1 in Leaktests; it’s not yet #1 overall. At present, they’re saying that’s KIS (as it has a HIPS-type feature, I do believe).

In regards to your other comments/suggestions, they have been brought up before, and I think even added to the WishList. Whether Comodo chooses to integrate those or not, we shall see… As I recall, the typical response was that such things were more the part of the browser than a firewall. However, as you point out, some companies are including such things in their FWs (generally as part of a suite, from what I’ve seen). IF Comodo were to do such a thing, they would certainly have to make sure theirs doesn’t become another example of internet security bloatware. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback; I’m glad you’re liking the firewall so much! Keep your eye on CAVS; I’m sure it will climb up to the top soon enough, especially now that they’ve acquired Kevin from NSClean. I am confident he will add a lot to their CAVS development, once he gets fired up on that aspect of it. That will be very good.


PS: You might check out the thread about plugins…,6216.0/topicseen.html

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cannot agree more with you, LM, please feel free to delete my answer if it doesn’t belong here.

If using Firefox, just turn “network.http.sendRefererHeader” option to 0, from about:config
You can check if you’ve done so here: Browser Test | PCFlank
Hope this helps,

Hi Gaby,

Thank you for promptly informing me of the fact that the Firefox browser has the ability to block the http referer information. I obviously have not learnt about all its capablities and features and would appreciate it if you could give me a little more guidance on how turn “network.http.sendReferer” option to 0, from about:config. I have looked in all the Tools and options available but this is one feature that has eluded my searching for it.

At the risk of sounding like a complete newbie, I would really be thankfull if you give me some clearer advice and step by step instructions on just where I can find this obscure
feature and how to adjust it.

I have not been using Firefox for a very long time, I changed over to using Firefox from Internet Explorer because as you are well aware it is widely regarded as being a much more secure browser which is far less prone to Spyare infections etc.

Anyway thanks for any further assistance you can give me.


Right jputting,
That’s really quite easy: just type about:config in the address bar, scroll for network.http.sendRefererHeader, double-click and there you are.

Other options are:
0 - Never send the referrer
1 - Actions directly initiated by the user (e.g. clicking on a link)
2 - Images or other inline content
3 - NOT USED - remains for backwards compatibility
4 - Send the referrer only for requests from the same host, otherwise send no referrer.
5 - Send the referrer only for requests from the same host, otherwise send target URL’s pre-path as the referrer.
6 - Strip off the path from the referrer for 3rd party requests, otherwise leave it alone.
7 - Always send the target URI’s pre-path as the referrer.

All this would fit better in another topic, however, here is good also, because my opinion (again) is that a firewall shall do only what is supposed to do – kinda’ in the way the old Linux firewall was protecting entire networks 10 years ago.

Glad if this helps,

Hi Gaby,

I once again wish to say thank you for advice on helping me block my Firefox browser from sending my http referer information, you are right it really was quite easy to do and I have also followed your advice and have been to and ran all the browser tests and they have confirmed this http referer information is now blocked. I also ran all the other security tests available and of course thanks to the Comodo Firewall I passed them all with flying colors.

It is very nice to see friendly people like yourself who are quite willing to help out less experienced computer users with plenty of good advice in the Comodo user forums.