PowerDVD 12.0.5522.55 fails to launch after CIS update

As best as I can determine, I received an update to COMODO Internet Security Premium on April 7. The same day a new CIS desktop icon appeared and the Advanced Settings > File Rating > File List indicated that the item C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDVD12\Custom\Setting\FebEditor.exe was “first observed” on April 7.

Also on April 7, PowerDVD 12 (my only Blu-ray player) – which I have been using for about a year – stopped launching: an error message is displayed which says, << Themida “Cannot find ‘MSVCR110.dll’. Please, re-install this application” >>. [MSVCR110.dll is not, in fact, missing.] This is followed by a separate dialog which recommends uninstalling and reinstalling PowerDVD and gives and error code 8001.

No amount of trying to make CIS PowerDVD friendly seems to help. Uninstalling and reinstalling PowerDVD 12 didn’t help, either.

My only remaining option is to uninstall CIS and then try to get PowerDVD 12 running again. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Add the PowerDVD application to the exclusion of detect shellcode injections located in advanced protection > miscellaneous > click the exclusions link.

Thanks for the suggestion. As it happens I added that exclusion [C:\Program Files\CyberLink*] in April of 2016 in order to get PowerDVD running, so it isn’t something that can help me now. Any other ideas?

Just double check because when you update CIS it reverts to the default configuration so you would need to re-activate your previous config. Also do you have secure shopping installed?

I have double checked: the existing exclusion is what I copied and pasted above.
I have also reviewed all of the HIPS settings.

(My wife is going to kill me if I can’t get her Blu-ray player running.)

Is it being sandboxed/contained? check the unblock applications task to see if it is listed. If it is then select application and unblock button.

Secure shopping is not installed, AFAIK.
There are no blocked or contained applications.

Then I guess uninstall and reboot, check if application works again, if it does then install again using the standalone intaller. Reboot and check application again, if application doesn’t work may need to report it as a bug.

Do you happen to have a download link to exact version you have? I was only able to get 12.0.2428.57 and I can launch it without issue.

I don’t have the link, sadly. But if you visit CyberLink Blu-ray Disc / HD DVD Update it might possibly report if an update is available. That is the page from which I got the link.

I ended up uninstalling CIS & PowerDVD 12, 10, 8 and the supporting Visual C++ Redistributables. Then I installed PowerDVD from the distribution disk that came with the drive and then applied the vs. 12 update. Finally, it works again. Thanks for the thought you put into this.

I’m running version 16 of PowerDVD from CyberLink.
Why are you only at 12?

I haven’t bought into PowerDVD 16, Mr. Buchanan, because I don’t need any of its features. All I need is to be able to play my wife’s Blu-ray discs, which version 12 does admirably. I expect that will change if I move to Windows 10 (which I will put off for as long as possible).