Potentially Unwanted Application Stopped

OS: Windows 10 Version 1909

I am suddenly receiving “Potentially Unwanted Application Stopped” when starting Advanced SystemCare Version Ver14.1.0.204. How can I stop this happening?
Also when I run an update on Comodo it gets to 6.8% in Download Updates and fails with the message “The File download was aborted abnormally”.

Either change the file rating in the file list or add to scan exclusions and if it is digitally signed changed vendor rating as well.

Other issue is already known about and you can either change the updater server, install over the existing version using the standalone installer, or clean install using the standalone installer.

Thank you very much for the first solution to PUP message.
As to the second update problem, I have found the setting but what alternative update server should I add.

As to the option to install over the existing version with a standalone installer,evrytime I run it says the wizard ended prematurely. If I choose “Repair” it ends silently with no message.

P.S. I have been able to upgrade to the latest version by using the online update file instead of the offline file.
Thanks again for your help.