Potentially malicious site

NB: Please exercise caution with the following links.

I don’t know if Comodo’s DNS servers have these two links as safe or dangerous, but using AVG as my anti-virus (the payment version), these two links cause a Malware warning to pop up in AVG whenever I try to enter them.


http://rare-tv-archive.webuda.com/ttb.htm - One of these two links is page 1 of a list of information

As far as I know, AVG’s diagnosis is accurate and these particular links are dangerous, luckily blocked by AVG, but intriguingly, all their other links including page 2 and page 3 are not blocked and are safe to use.

At one time, all their pages were safe and accessible to visit, then the whole site became infected some months back. I then tried again recently for an update on information, finding that all but the above two links are now re-accessible again.

AVG’s report gives further details:


Split and moved the Site Inspector board.

CSI does not think this site is malicious:

However you can report them when you think they are. I did report the two links and made sure to also point to this topic.

As far as I know, the Webuda site is genuine, especially as all but two sections are safe to visit, and as the type of content is family friendly, on a music theme, but at least with AVG anti-virus, it blocks me from visiting those two links, of which at least one link is page 1 of a multiple page music related document, while all other links within the site including pages 2 and 3 relating to the same document are safe and accessible.

Previously AVG had the option to allow users to enter “reported attack” web sites at their own risk, but in their updates, they’re removed this option so now, anything that’s blocked is automatically deleted so the web site link page is blank. This is good, provided the blocked web site links are infected.

Interesting to see there are differences of opinion between AVG and Web Inspector.

There may very well be an option in AVG to unblock certain web sites, while exercising caution that I don’t do this as a general rule in case my computer gets targeted.

Thanks for following this up and directing Web Inspector.com to this topic.

I have one two please check it

Thank you for your submission. I adapted the url to the website so it is not click-able. This is to protect the less experienced users.