Posting Smilies Question?.

When I use Firefox and drag a smilie into a post it appears correctly as an icon on screen when it appears in a thread. However I have been using the new Chromium based Comodo browser the last few days and when I add a smilie then it appears as a string of text as seen below instead. Anyone know how I can fix this so I can post smilies again?


Not sure there is a fix, You have to click on the smilie in dragon not drag it… If I do that on these forums I get:

Whats happening to you is… dragon is posting the link to the original source of the smilie

Thanks for the reply OmeletGuy, It does the same thing even when I put a check in the box rather than drag it. There must be a setting either on the forum or in Dragon where it can be changed or is it impossible to use Smilies with Dragon?.

Hi Bluesjunior,
I am using Dragon :slight_smile: , have you disabled/Blocked JavaScript in Dragons content settings?
JavaScript is required.

I just checked the content settings and Java is ok. The only thing I have set different to the recommended settings is I have blocked third party cookies which I have always done in both IE and Firefox without any problems. :viva:

OK now I think I have it figured instead of dragging it I just have to left click on the smilie I wish to use. Thanks again I will try that over at the TGP and see if it works there as well.

Correct :-TU.