Post here if you were able to recover your hard drive after failed CTM uninstall

There are a lot of threads about people that tried to uninstall CTM and ended up with a none working PC. Even so did a several people experience the same when trying to install it. We don’t have to be smart to conclude that CTM somehow make a mess of the MBR and allocation tables. Those that did encounter these problems for sure did try to recover there hard drive. If there are people out there that successfully managed to recover there drive or at least there data, then please add a clear description on how you accomplished that. While doing so, then keep in mind that not all people browsing this forum are computer guru’s, though i assume that we can skip the step “power on your pc” :wink:

I hope that there are people out there that had better luck than some of the others, and that they will share there knowledge to help others. Meanwhile i hope that comodo will remove CTM from there download page (or offer it as a beta release) and seriously review CTM and make it stable. If they can not do that, then i suggest to the CTM developers to put there code on the internet as open source code. Maybe then it will become stable and help those in need.

By the way, nice to see that this additional emotion is available on this forum :comodosavedmylife:. Comodo please make it true!!!

Installed on a notebook, with XP Pro. Seemed to be a successful install but on reboot chkdsk said it wanted to fix a huge number of corrupted files. However, chkdsk kept reporting that there wasn’t enough disk space to repair any of the files, even though it wasn’t true. I’ve never seen chkdsk do that kind of thing except on drives with massive physical damages. Second and third reboots were the same.

** VERY SCARY !!! **

I did an uninstall of CTM from within the OS and on reboot everything seems to be normal. I don’t want to be a beta tester for this kind of software so I’m going to wait for a later version before I give it another go…

Well, I strongly suggest that you run a chkdsk /F in all your drives even without CTM.
You can install CTM after that… not before.

I uninstalled CTM. It was an older version and it crashed my computer with a disk read error on reboot.

I had two partitions. I mounted the drive as an external on another computer. C with vista was unreadable. The data partition was all there and easily copied for backup -
with a big exception!

When CTM uninstalled and messed the hard drive it also reset the data back to the day CTM was first installed. Nothing in the files was newer that about 4 months ago.

I used a file recovery program trial and could see all the c drive but again missing anything for the last 4 months.

I could register the recovery program for $99 but for just older files. Not really worth it to me.

Comodo is not fly by night teen coder in his mother’s basement. I was shocked that a respected program developer specializing in security programs and messing with root code could be so insecure and totally destructive. And then to add a trite, “we’re sorry if TCM has caused you any trouble” tone to any questions about remedying a terrible situation for its users.

I for one will not be able to recommend Comodo products after such a fiasco.

Well, this is the same as bypass CTM drivers.
The disk will be back to baseline snapshot (i.e., the time you’ve installed the machine).
You’ve misunderstood now CTM working

That’s the baseline… You’ve uninstalled to baseline, CTM did that apparently. But it should have a choice from you and not automatically. What did happen? What did you do?