Possibly Malicious Fake Wikileaks Website


A few weeks ago I received a suspicious e-mail from a friend’s possibly hacked e-mail account.

The e-mail had no subject, it only included a website link, it appeared to have been e-mailed to everyone on my friend’s contact list, and the link appeared to be a fake Wikileaks address.

I found it suspicious, especially since I knew that was not the real Wikileaks website address, so I scanned the link with VirusTotal, WOT, Norton Safe Web, PC Tools Browser Defender, Webutation, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Avast Webshield, and AVG Linkscanner but none of them found anything at that time so I clicked on the link to test it myself.

It instantly started to re-direct from one or more websites to a probably fake Canadian Medicine/Drug website; so I closed it and warned my friend that his e-mail account may have been hacked, I warned everyone on my contact list about the situation, I changed my password for my e-mail address, etc to be safe.

As far as I know, no malware was involved, and the website may no longer be re-directing to other websites or whatever else it was trying to do; but I just wanted to report it here so the Comodo Team could test/check it out.

I have attached the link or what I think the link was in a Text file to this post.

Also here are some reports from some of the online scanners:







Thank you,
-John Jr :slight_smile:

Attachment removed please do not attach Malware or possible malware to your posts


I know we can not post possibly malicious web links in our message, now I found out that we can not even put the possibly malicious link in a text file instead, so how do we report possibly malicious websites? (I am just curious) :wink:

-John Jr :slight_smile:

Once a Moderator (I think) mentioned The Malware Research Group to me, and I thought I messaged the CEO about joining a year ago (are almost a year) at the suggestion of the Moderator, but I never received a reply or invite. (:NRD)