Possibly leaked projects for never-seen hardware persistence


Please, if you have the time, read these.

Scary as f*** :embarassed: :embarassed:

That is scary, “Super Malware”. It goes to show that no matter what steps you take to protect yourself you can never really trust any computer fully. Reading this has brought me to the conclusion to buy a new PC that will never under any circumstance have any type of network connection.

It would not surprise me if the hardware manufacturers were forced or even freely gave up the firmware and commands.

Thanks for posting.

I didn’t read the PDF but in theory they wouldn’t have to give up the firmware themselves, could have been an inside job or surveillance picked up enough…


well, Snowden’s files showed that NSA (and other “Spy’s”) intercept IT Shipments and then build in a “Hardware Spy”.
I also read the article on how the GB “Spy’s” destroyed a Laptop with Snowden’s files, they destroyed the keyboard controller the Mouse controller, even the Battery controller, off course Hard disk and RAM goes without saying. As a free IT group found out, those three controllers could store Data. It was a Macbook Air from the Guardian…
Who knows if the controllers could really save Data or there is some completely other reason because Apple and other companies(HP or Dell for example) won’t give any information about hat, it’s “confidential”…