Possible to omit cover page, create/customize CSID?

Hello – I am new to TrustFax and this forum. I just started the trial period for the PowerUser plan and have a couple questions:

  • I would prefer not to use cover pages. Is it possible to turn them off?

  • Also, I noticed there’s no identifying information (CSID), most importantly my fax number, at the top of the test fax I sent. Is it possible to add this information?


Jenny Dyer

You can send a fax without a coversheet. When using the website to fax, click the box next to “Send without coversheet”. When faxing by email, add the line coverpage:no.
Trustfax also allows you to attach your own coverpage as another document when you fax.
Future trustfax release will allow you to add your custom coverpage and modify the CSID - caller ID on the fax page.

Thanks for the helpful information. I can add the fax number myself as identification. It’s very strange, however, that TrustFax does not automatically date/time/paginate faxes during transmission. I’ve always thought of it as a given. I typically send faxes using my fax modem, so it shouldn’t be an issue for me. But others’ recipients may miss the date/time/pagination; they are invaluable – and standard – for sorting and keeping track of faxed pages.

Thanks for your comments. You can look for CSID enhancements in a future Trustfax release.

Has custom CSID capability been added? It’s been about 8 months since Comodo’s response. I believe that there is a California law requiring such information in a header or footer for all faxes sent within the state.


Trustfax has headers on all outgoing faxes for some time now. The header includes the date/time, trustfax number and your name/company name listed on the account.

Hmm… I faxed myself at my TrustFax number, and the received pages did not have the header information. I even paid for a real account, not just the freebie. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting somewhere?


I was at my client’s office and able to send from my TrustFax account to their fax machine. The fax did NOT include the header information. I cannot find the setting for this. Where is it?


All outgoing faxes will include information about the trustfax sender that include the trustfax number and date an time.
The trustfax coversheet included the required information about fax so a fax header is not printed on the top of the page. If you do not include a trustfax coversheet then a fax header will be applied to the fax.

Hello, as a first time user, I tried to send an international fax without a cover page and got a message box indicating I had to either send a file or use a cover page. Since I just had a simple message I opted to use a cover page and was charged for two pages. Does sending a file also imply at least two pages? If so, is there some way I could send a simple one page message with on cover page and only be charged for one page? Thnx.

When you fax you have to include a file or a coversheet. There must be somthing to fax.
If your intent is to send a simple message, the message is put on a coversheet when trustfax sends the fax.
The coversheet has space for 21 lines of text. If your message is more than 21 lines of text, the message will roll-over to a second page.

I am considering TrustFax, among several other Internet Faxing services. I am still confused after reading this forum. CAN you customize the CSID now or not? Thanks to whoever can give me a straight-forward answer. :-\

you are not able to customize the outbound fax number - the fax header will use the trustfax number.
You can change the name/company that is listed on the fax header of the outbound fax in your trustfax account under account info - coversheet.
The name ofnthe fax header will be the company name and if no company name is listed in your account info - coversheet, then trustfax will use the first and last name. If there is not a first and last name listed, the name trustfax will be put on the outgoing fax header.