Possible to "learn" COMODO (like Zonealarm)?

Hi! I just given up on Zonealarm. For a couple of years it worked great but now I can’t get it to work. So, I try to switch to Comodo. It seems to work ok. One thing I wounder is if it is possible to “learn” what program to a pass and what to stop. In Zonealarm I just start the programs and then choose.
First when I started Comodo it came up some dialogs, but no more. Even when install new applications that communicate with the net.


Regards / Jimmy

I think your firewall is now in ‘safe mode’ that allows all comodo whitelisted apps to create connections, if it’s not on the list it will prompt you for it. If you want to allow/deny all applications trying to communicate then you have to set the firewall security level to “Custom Policy Mode” this way it will prompt you for every application trying to connect to the net.