possible to define policies during installation in cfp3 beta (remote install)

is it possible in the beta to set up/apply a few policies before the first reboot after installation (so that i can ‘allow’ my remote desktop login in network and svchost policies? i’m currently away from the location the pc is at, but tbh, 2.4 annoys me after using the alphas for a while, so i’d like to be able to update if possible :slight_smile:

(or alternatively, to have a setting in the setup that allows you to set the firewall to ‘allow all’ for the first reboot?)

I haven’t tried this on CFP V3 but on the 2.4 version firewall you could do this, uncheck the restart checkbox when it is done installing and close the window then see if you can open the firewall from the start menu and delete the block all in rule or set up remote access before restarting?

I believe that pandlouk is the one that came up with this method if I remember right.

hope this helps,