Possible to create policy for temporary exe's?[RESOLVED]


Every time I launch a specific game, Defense+ warns me that “game.exe is trying to execute C:\Windows\temp\blah\hello.exe”. I got rid of these pop-ups by allowing game.exe to run any temporary files.

Problem is that the newly created program, hello.exe, is doing all the work. It needs access to global hooks, screen, disk and to execute more temp files. I don’t know why the game was programmed this way. Anyway, since a new instance of hello.exe is created at the start of every game session, in different temp directories, there’s no point in telling Defense+ to remember my answers: next time there will be a new exe that D+ won’t recognize.

Is there a way to create a general policy that applies to all hello.exe created by game.exe? Or do I have to disable D+ every time I want to play this game…

I hope I’m making sense. Appreciate any ideas! Thanks.


Welcome to the Forums, Hagmo.
Have you tried placing D+ in Training mode then starting and playing your game for say 10 minutes. Then returning D+ to safe (or the mode you previously had it in) mode and play your game? This might help.

Wow, thanks for replying so fast! I tried training mode but all Comodo could do was to create a policy for the temp file at that specific time. As soon as I closed the game and restarted it with D+ in Safe mode, the new temporary exe wasn’t affected by the policy for the old one.

I did manage to solve the problem though. After some investigating I realized that the path to the executable would always be %temp%\mrt*.tmp\stdrt.exe. I never expected Comodo to accept wildcards in the path, especially to files that don’t exist yet.

Good to know that the program is so flexible. Thanks for the welcome, I’ll return if anything else comes up.


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