Possible to add exception to script analysis?


I have an application that requires the use of an .exe listed under script analysis.

Is there any way to add an exception for this program as to avoid script analysis blocking it from running the script?

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disable application in script analysis, but it is not disable alert module HIPS :-TU

Hey liosant, thanks.

Do you mean:

  • disable ‘embedded code detection’ for ‘script_interpreter.exe’
  • Enable ‘set popup alerts to verbose mode’


You can disable and enable or keep options… HIPS protected and alert, if request is unknow…
NOTE: this can leave your system exposed :-TU

Thank you.

I am not looking to disable to the entire ScriptInterpreter.exe for script analysis though.


python.exe - Has script analysis enabled

ProgramUsesPythonScripts.exe - Sends python script to python.exe to process

I want to make sure script analysis is used for any program that tries to run a script through python.exe except for ProgramUsesPythonScripts.exe

I am assuming this is not possible?

yes, it is possible…
but you have add executable in script analysis and disable “analysis code” and “analysis command-line”…
sorry my english.

No it is not possible, its a global setting so either script analysis and/or embedded code detection is enabled for the interpreter or its disabled globally.

Thank you kindly for clarifying.