Possible malware infection in svchost.exe detected via comodo firewall

scanned with malwarebytes,superantispyware.and comodo av.now scanning online with kaspersky and bit defender.nothing found so far.

post was started after abnormal amount of firewall blocks were detected and uploaded log to this comodo forum

hi jack this log file is here as follows
any help apreciated


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Hi there deleon. I am having also enormous amount’s of svchost.exe running on my pc. I have scanned with everything. Malwarebytes, superantispyware, ewido, avg, avira, extterminate it!, Comodo antivir and Ad-aware. Nothing. Safemode scans pickup nothing also.

personally i dont think its a virus im just folllowing advise…
im just trying to figure out why comodo firewall is blocking a massive amount of ips…(a good thing tho) ‘around 4000 lastnite in a few hours’. and why my pc being constantly hit by ips from all over the world.

bit defender found this …only just installed the java app…is this 4 real?

You need to uninstall Java and update to the latest version of Java.
Please don’t create multiple threads for the same subkect… It makes things harder for other suers to track, and it spams the subject board.
Because I don’t know what the blocked addresses are\I don’t have your log. I cannot help you in regards to the intrusion attempts…

It is normal to have multiple SVCHOST on your system… however, it could also be malware. The best way to check it just run a scan on your system.

Hope this helps.