Possible conflict with Avast and CIS Firewall


I blocked an app with CIS Firewall but the links to the app website still work although other parts do not work I heard that could be a problem with Avast Web and Network shield someone have any suggestions?

Peace JB

When i used avast and comodo firewall 5.12 for a brief time i experienced no such issues. :slight_smile:

The Avast Webshield works as a local proxy bypassing the Comodo and other firewalls.

You need to disable the Avast Webshield to regain control by the firewall again. Disabling the filtering of web traffic by a webshield does not diminish protection. Once a malware gets written to memory or to disk it is still early enough. That’s Comodo’s and my point of view.

What version of Comodo are you using? This problem was corrected some time ago. If the problem persists you shouldn’t have to disable Avast’s webshield, just select ‘scan from well known browser processes only’ in the webshield’s settings.

I am using Comodo firewall 5.12 the app is Kindle for Windows when i click in the app links it still goes to Amazon but eg the suggestions box does not send what I write witch is good.
I would like to get rid of the advertising.

I am trialling the latest CIS and blocked the app again but now it even does not start!

CF 6.2 is much better accessing the blocked apps section before was a confusion to access this area inow the App already starts but when I click in the links they still go to the Brand website although the suggestion box does not send the message when I run the build in check for problems the connection to the Internet is the only part that gives error maybe my problem is resolved is this normal??