Possible CFP Bug? [RESOLVED]

I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this but when I open CFP,And look under summary,under “intrusion attempts”,Theres a big ol’ 0 :THNK But with other versions of CFP you would see anything but 0.Also,My firewall event logs and D+ Logs are empty.Any ideas what’s causing this?I run windows vista home premium (L)


I been wondering about this for a while! BUT I did read somewhere posted by a user here, Why it is 0… but I forgot!

I hope someone comes back with a clear explanation :slight_smile:


:BNC Cool josh,good to know that i’m not the only one experiencing this

It’s zero here too, but when going to the event logs and click on more to see prior days/week/month i see a few entries. Maybe the Summary number resets each time you boot the machine or have visited the actual logs. No point in trying to remember if the last time you looked it was e.g. 25 and now 27. At any rate the behavior seems not to be in line with whats in the current help file:

The total number of intrusion attempts that the firewall has blocked since installation

Your current Firewall Security Level (or 'Firewall Behaviour Setting) is shown in blue, underlined font. ‘Train with Safe Mode’ is the Firewall security setting in the example shown above.

Comodo Firewall Pro allows you to quickly customize firewall security by using the Firewall Security Level slider to move between preset security levels. Clicking on this blue text opens the firewall behavior settings panel and allows you to adjust the security level to your own preferences. This section also allows you to configure the frequency of alerts

For a complete explanation of this part of the firewall, please see ‘Firewall Behaviour Settings’.

Inbound/Outbound Connections. A numerical summary of currently active inbound and outbound connections to and from your computer. More details on active connections can be found in the ‘View Active Connections’ section of ‘Firewall Tasks’ and the ‘Traffic’ section on the summary screen.

‘Stop All Activities’ / ‘Restore All Activities’ - Allows you to toggle network activity on or off. Specifically, clicking ‘Stop All Activities’ will instantly block all incoming and outgoing network connections - placing the firewall in the ‘Block All Mode’ of ‘Firewall Security Settings’. Similarly, clicking ‘Restore All Activities’ will re-implement your previous Firewall Security Level

Yep, That’s exactly what i’m talking about, (:CLP) although it’s not a major problem, I like to know when I get an intrusion, so I can go into PG2 and block out the adress.Hopefully there will be a fix for this :THNK

The total number of intrusions is actually the count since the last time CFP3 was restarted, not from installation. An intrusion attempt is anything inbound that is blocked and logged by CFP3. If your rules allow it, explicitly or implicitly, it is not an intrusion. Or block and not log it. That is why users make explicit rules to block but not log annoying messages that show up in places like Windows Operating System-things like unnecessary router chatter. Have you tried adding a “log” to one of the application rules you know is being executed to verify whether it is working or not? Do you have a NAT router? If so, it will block most inbound traffic that are not a response to something you sent out. And these responses are allowed by default (DNS, DHCP, …). I rarely see inbound connection attempts at all unless I am trying something out to see how it works. There are a number of threads that discuss why, recently https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/inbound_connections-t21097.0.html.

Thanks for clarifying it, Just wondering why it’s happening in this version.

I am guessing that the developers have added some “silent blocking” of things that used to end up blocked and logged in Windows Operating System, but really just a guess. WOS is also a catchall for all the stuff not routed to any particular application, so has most of the “intrusions” in it. Like broadcast and multicast messages. The same concern has appeared for previous versions, but haven’t been able to show it is a problem vs a feature to cut down on all the complaints about excessive WOS traffic. :wink:

Well, I have to update this post, Don’t want to leave it hanging! (:TNG)

So the thing was that I came home from school one day, I was trying to download a new version of CCLEANER, So I did start downloading, When it came to my knowledge that I was downloading at 5 kbps with 6 mb from comcast!! So I tried to find a solution, I talked to comcast and they said that I have a lot of packet loss, Which is not good, They offered to bring a technician, And I refused (Because I thought it was vista related and I was right!)OR else they would’ve charged me 20$ on the spot, Anywho long story short, I struggled to find the problem, And it turned out to be a Microsoft 6to4 adapter driver issue, Which I fixed by uninstalling it and re-installing the driver, Now you may ask “What does this have to do with CFP3”? Well after fixing all of those problems, Comodo firewall would cause my system to crash! The crash occured when I would click ANY link inside the comodo firewall GUI, Such as view firewall events, And especially miscellaneous “Manage my configurations” So I looked around these forums, And uninstalled CFP3 with the registry batch file that I got from another post, Sorry I don’t remember which one, But it was something like “How to remove CFP3” So i removed the entries, And re-installed CFP3, And after the setup it started blocking attacks non-stop! :BNC That’s how I wanna see CFP3 perform!So My solution was to completely remove CFP3, run the registry batch file remover, And re-install, And PRAY! So now everything is AWESOME and I actually saw a good increase in page loading and downloading, Once again the forums have solved my problem.