Possible Bug

I may have found a bug in CIS 4.0. I discovered that file sharing was turned on. I never have turned it on. I immediately turned it off and the Windows Firewall turned on. I remembered that I had to turn off Windows Firewall manually since CIS did not when it installed. I guess you have to have Windows Firewall on to keep file sharing off. Now, I have CIS and Windows Firewall both on and Security Center sees both and warns me about possible conflicts, but everything seems to be working fine. You may want to check into this.

If I understand this correctly you need to enable Windows Firewall then change the file sharing settings and disable Windows Firewall again.

I have not disabled the Windows Firewall again yet. I will try that and see what happens.

I disabled the Windows Firewall again and Network Discovery and File Sharing was turn on. I then manually disabled Network Discovery and the firewall turned on again. It also turn off file sharing.

I have everything in Network and Sharing Center set off. The Password Protect is on. I guess Windows Firewall must be on for everything to be off. This doesn’t appear to be a big deal. System runs fine with windows FW and Comodo running together.

Not sure if this matters, but my location is set to Public. Comodo needs to look into this. Users need to check their settings to see if they are correct.