Possible bug?

Today I was playing with display themes and having slight problem with taskbar I had to use System Restore to restore my system to one of the yesterdays point. Everything went ok besides CPF. It looks like after system restore I’ve lost all my application rules. After rebooting CPF asked me to grant access to all my applications that need access to internet like: browsers, program updates, definition updates, chats etc. One by one I had to confirm CPF action like first time I’ve installed it.
I’m just wondering, is it normal and default CPF behaviour or is it an annoying bug? (:SAD)

Well, so I can see that no one experienced similar problem. My bad luck (:WAV)

No, I have not read about this problem before. I’m also not on XP, which doesn’t help. But, it does occur to me that 1 of 2 things might have happened. 1) the System Restore checkpoint did not contain an up-to-date copy of CPF’s registry area or 2) CPF’s Registry Self-Protection worked against you in some way or it didn’t allow the System Restore to work properly. But, if this is happening every time someone runs an SR on XP (I can’t test it)… I’m sure someone else would have encountered it as well by now. Perhaps, as you say… you were just plain unlucky & something weird, yet very rare, happened.

Hi, I have seen windows systems maimed from messing around with Windows themes. Be very cautious when doing so. Not that i’ve ever crippled my OS by messing with Windows themes. ::slight_smile: must have been my twin. :wink: Well, that was back in the day but still it can happen. Another issue is system restore can be a wonderful thing but not always. This is why I always back up info on my own. Sys restore doesn’t always work and if the wrong registry file gets corrupt, no restore points will work. System restore also only keeps restore points for limited time before they are either usless and are replaced with more current ones. I always use another restore utility and don’t rely strictly on sys restore. Kail brings up a good point as well, if the restore point was not updated, this will go back to when the restore point created itself. If need be, when installing a program, create a restore point “before” then if it runs fine for a bit, few days or a week , whatever you decide, then create a fresh point of restore on your own.


Thank you very much for your replays.
It was very fresh restore point, just from day before, but because it’s not common problem obviously something went wrong. Another reason to be more cautious next time (:WIN)
Simple incident it’s not going to change my opinion about Comodo, still (:LOV) it.