Possible bug in Right Click menu (CIS 3.9)

I am not sure if these are bugs…but they may need to be addressed anyway.

  1. When you right-click a file in the following circumstances, the “Scan with Comodo Antivirus” option does not appear in the menu.
  • “my computer” icon on the destop (see 1st pic)
  • “my documents” icon on the desktop (see 1st pic)
  • “my network places” on the desktop (see 1st pic)
  • “recycle bin” on the desktop (see 1st pic)
  • A shortcut anywhere on the computer (see 2nd pic)

“Scan with Comodo Antivirus” does appear in the right-click menu for other file types, drives, and removable storage.

Note: a similar issue was posted here. I know you posted a “work around” here, but I think my clean install of 3.9 should not require a work around to get the right-click menu to work. Furthermore, the “work around” did not work for me.

  1. When you right click on a file on the desktop, the right click menu says “Comodo Antivirus”, but i think it should say “scan with Comodo Antivirus”. (see pic 3).

CIS 3.9.76924.507 (custom policy, safe mode, on access, and all other security options activated)
Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) - admin account
Avira Antivir (On demand); Superantispyware Pro (realtime)
No crash, no BSOD, no symptoms

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I can confirm the above on Win 7 beta (7000). Except for the Network Places shortcut as Vista and Win 7 have a new interface for network related things and I can’t find the equivalent.

If this is what you’re looking for.

Right click desktop > personalize > change desktop icons.

In Win7RC you can put the network icon on desktop.

Yes I have the same behavior, but I kinda ask why scan shortcuts? rather scan the target.

I guess it would be novel to initiate a My Computer Scan from the link. Everything in recycle and everywhere else is scanned when put there anyway.