Possible BSOD solution

Okay, this is what worked for me. I made sure to double check that was the cause too.

Anyway, after installing CFP3 (on windows vista ultimate x32 in my case) I unchecked the “Restart now” check box. Run it through the shortcut or whatever(it shouldn’t crash) put the Defense+ bar on allow all.

There, you can put the firewall on pretty much whatever you want. I don’t really know what Defense+ is for(is that what controls all the internal stuff? like when one program tries to control another? I don’t really need it anyway)

There, now maybe someone can tell me whats wrong with the Defense+ thing, and, oh, if you have time, fix it.

Defense+ is a Host Intrusion Protection System. It protects your computer from running anything it shouldn’t. For example if your security software misses a new trojan or even an existing one and it tries to run or make changes to the system Defense+ will stop it dead in it’s tracks. It promises to be the best HIPS ever!

Since I’m also experiencing this problem (BSOD’s in conjunction with Defense+) I second the remark of Metacore.

@EricEgan : We know what Defense+ is supposed to do, all we ask is that it does it without taking our systems down!

I experience the BSOD in a different manner. Since installing the Beta, I have had experienced 4 BSOD during boot up (after a clean proper shutdown), each time after pressing the reset, choosed “boot windows normally” and it managed to come back to life… however should BSOD happens again during boot-time, I will have to give it a serious thought on whether to uninstall CFP3 beta… :THNK