positiveSSL certificate install question

I just purchased 2 positiveSSL certs, the cert email says
“We strongly recommend that you click here for instructions to ensure that your certificate is installed and your webserver is configured correctly.”

But going to this link gives me very little… the live chat gives -

You tried to access the address https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hc/61298727/?cmd=file&file=visitorWantsToChat&site=61298727&byhref=1&SESSIONVAR!skill=Validation&imageUrl=https://server.iad.liveperson.net/hcp/Gallery/ChatButton-Gallery/English/General/1c, which is currently unavailable.

A search string of - installation instructions positivessl
gives various results, the most useful appears to be
which when clicking the installations instructions link gives me a blank page or 404 depending on browser.

I have used the SSL manager in cPanel & uploaded the .crt & the SSL manager says it is installed, but given the advice in the email from you, I don’t know what to do next… ???

So much for the support of your paid products.
6 days no response, the knowledgebase gives me nothing, the chat never works. (4 different browsers)

After using the free products for a long time this is a big disappointment & apparently a complete waste of money.

Well, I’ve just used the link in your original post and connected directly with the live chat system and an operator.

Must be something wrong on your side…but cannot think what it could be.

Thanks for the response… I certainly cannot use the livechat for whatever reason.

My main worry from the email msg :-
We strongly recommend that you click here for instructions to ensure that your certificate is installed and your webserver is configured correctly.
was that I may have overlooked something (AFAIK the certs are installed correctly) but good luck getting a response to a search for PositiveSSL install instructions


I can see your dilemma.

The only page I could find which mentioned installing PositiveSSL was here:


But…it doesn’t actually have any installation instructions, even though it says ‘Select your web server software from the list after reading the following general points’.

So support team…where are the installation instructions?

You might also try submitting a ticket here: https://support.comodo.com and ask support directly.


The issue with livechat is usually the time of day. There doesn’t seem to be any way of knowing if someone is available unless it mysteriously doesn’t work. Regarding your email, honestly, ignore it. There’s nothing special about PositiveSSL or technical difference from any other product. If you follow any general “how to setup SSL” guide for your particular server you’ll be fine.

I thought online chat was 24 x 7 ?

Thanks for the replies guys.
I assume it is OK but this is a strange situation for a security firm to create. I am going to submit a ticket & suggest they link to a relevant knowledgebase post (if there is one newer than 2007!) instead of the vague easter egg hunt I have right now.
BTW Live chat always gives me 404 or 'webpage not found depending on browser - ‘not online’ would have been better :frowning:


Do you still get the 404 or page not found error if you access it from this page?



Submitted a ticket & got this link
thanks Comodo
Thought it could be useful to share it. This is what I did but still good to know :stuck_out_tongue:

@SSL Guru
No - I cannot log into live chat from that link, tried chrome, IE & opera unless its CIS stopping me I don’t get it!

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I can only say that if I try it of an afternoon it will say “ONLINE NOW”, but as soon as you try and start a chat it will go to an email form.

It always works of a morning.

This is another link I think should have been in the email -

Supplied by the Help Ticket staff, it lets you know if its working Ok.