Position and sizes not resolved in the translation.

I made a comparison between the last file I sent for translation, and the files of version 3.9.xxxx.509.

The only change made was the words “By Community.”

And as to what was promised in the manual for translators?

In this particular case Russian word in preview area is 2 characters short. It might be typical situation with your language too and you should not be afraid of it as you made no error, just make sure that you have the full word (or complete sentence) in the language column where you edit them. It happens because the length of English words/sentences is not the same as in local language. To fix this we will need to resize and reposition dialog window elements, we will do this when we receive your translated files back.
As we mentioned earlier, almost inevitably you will have parts of the words or sentences to be too large to display in full - we will deal with this ourselves.

Nobody was talking seriously?

“Words cut” does not make a software with professional appearance and the translators can not solve all problems. This is not the role of translators.

I await a response.