My firewall is configured ok I asked this question once before does anyone know why shields up is showing port 0 closed & not stealth it doesn’t happen in 2.5
If you haven’t checked before in shields up can the reader’s check & post back with their findings or maybe a reprehensive of comodo might like to answer my question

Thank you

Did you run the stealth port wizard? Are you behind a hardware firewall?

Yes run stealth wiz all ports block 36 views not one parson bothered to post findings it only takes 4 minutes in shields up thanks for the reply Vet I take it your showing all stealth ports yes or no any body are your ports all stealth.
Thank you

All my ports are stealthed but I am behind a hardware firewall. Shields Up checks your modem firewall first. I can pass Shields Up with all green blocks without Comodo cause of my modem firewall. Be sure to run the stealth port wizard and select the option to block all incoming connections. Do you have a hardware firewall? Do you have a router?

I’m not using my router so no hardware fire wall just a BT modem I did wizard block all ports 2.5 will stealth all ports but 3v stealth’s all ports except two square 0 ports they are closed.
Think I will go back to 2.5

2.5 is not the answer. Do you have any other global rules? Have you tried restarting you modem and pc. Are you sure you modem doesnt have a firewall built in. My 2Wire Gateway DSL modem has a built in hardware firewall.

Thanks for the time VET in replying I’m just using a basic BT Voyager 105
I find it very strange that port 0 & 1 are not stealth.
I will have another look at v3 & post how I get on.
I also know that port 0 is a wild card & 1 isn’t used but still it’s prone to attacks
& for peace of mind I think it’s best to have full stealth.