Ports maybe [RESOLVED]

I am attempting to get a program connecting through the internet. The Help files and a troubleshooter indicate that I will need to allow the following ports

5198 - 5199 UDP in/out
5200 TCP in.

which I have done, in the Network and Application Monitor, for the troubleshooter program. But when I run the troubleshooter program, it tells me that it cannot receive UDP in on port 5198.

Definitely, the problem is Comodo as I disable Comodo and the troubleshooter connects with no problems.

Have I missed something?

edit: added [RESOLVED]

Hi Numbat, welcome to the forums.

Check CFPs Log (Activity tab). If CFP is blocking something then, by default, it will create a log entry & this will detail what issued the block.

Failing that you could post maximized screen shots of the Application/Network Monitor with the rule in question selected (to reveal the detail in the lower pane). A common problem is to create a single IN/OUT rule that should really be 2 rules because of the source/destination port mismatch due to the traffic direction.

COMODO Firewall Pro Logs
Date Created: 21:36:52 30-07-2007
Log Scope:: Today Date/Time :2007-07-30 21:36:08Severity :MediumReporter :Network MonitorDescription: Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, IP =, Port = 5198)Protocol: UDP IncomingSource: Destination: Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 7
End of The Report

Network Control Rule id7 appears to be the catchall one that blocks everything that gets by the preceding ones. My pass rule precedes this and I think that means it is tested before this event has happened. So what is happening?

OK. I fixed it. Had the ports reversed so that my in was my out and viceversa. :BNC

Now how do I post this thread as fixed?

Yes, that is correct. It means that there is a problem with the Network Monitor UDP IN rule you created. Can you post a screen shot of the Network Monitor with the UDP rule selected. It’s probably just a typeo or something.

No problem, I’ll do that. I’ll close it, if you need it reopened just PM a Mod and ask.