Ports higher than 49151, randomly used according to a link

Hi all,

I´d like to ask about a issue I am having in my pc , Windows Vista and Comodo Internet Security Premium. It´s a general security question actually.

When I execute as an Admin (Windows Vista) netstat -anb -p tcp I see some ports: 49152,49153…49156 and I see that all belong to system stuff such as: wininit.exe, Eventlog,nsi,schedule, lsass.exe and services.exe

For what I have read in some links, they all say that Vista and Windows 2008 use such ports randomly, to some purpose, but the point is that in my case those ports are being used by system tasks . I would dare to say I shoudn´t be worried about that, because, even if these port are listening, they have to …don´t they? . I mean, I am not so sure about it.

Anyway, when I go to “Comodo Internet Security Premium” to the section “Active Connections” in the Firewall area, I don´t see these ports named above, so, I think I can be reassured, but still not sure.

In short: Is it normal that such services are listening in those ports?

Thanks in advance!

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This looks completely normal.
As of Vista Microsoft changed from using 1024+ to 4915x+ numbers as random local source ports.

CIS ‘active connections’ only shows what is say’s ‘active’ connections = read ‘established’ connections the ‘listening’ things are left out.

Thanks a lot Ronny, that is what the link said about the random ports being now, from Vista on, higher than 49151.

Well, regarding “Active Connections” sometimes I think I saw the “listening” ports to, but don´t pay me much attention, maybe it was another older version of Comodo Firewall.

Thanks indeed!

Yes older versions did show that but it was removed at some stage.

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Thanks again Ronny for your clarification!

!ot! I don´t get the “LuLu” stuff…maybe you are refering to the new Lou Reed and Metallica album?


Indeed I was… maybe your name had anything to do with that Lou


Sure! , I love Lou Reed´s music, and many others from rock (Neil Young,Bowie,Hendrix,Zeppelin,…)

Did they do an album together? :o I have been listening to classical too much… :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Sorry !ot!


lol Eric. Indeed, they did, last year, I mean, 2011 if I don´t recall badly, though I have heard it just a little, not too much.


David Fricke of Rolling Stone heard at least two of the songs from the project in June 2011—“Pumping Blood” and “Mistress Dread”—and described their sound as a "raging union of [Reed’s] 1973 noir classic, Berlin, and Metallica’s '86 crusher, Master of Puppets.
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Maybe I should listen it again because I didn´t like it that much, but that happened to me too when I first heard “Berlin” by Lou Reed, and now it´s one of my favourite Lou´s albums.

Well I must say that I find it tough to listen to also, I didn’t make it to the end of the record a few times…
But from what I have seen on the Metclub site they had a lot of fun making it.


I´ll check out that metaclub site. I saw some “the-making-of-the-movie” (Did you call it this way in US or UK, because I am from Spain and now I don´t knw the exact translation) , but not in metaclub.

Problem is metclub is Metallica fanclub members only.
Here are a few public links though


I’m from the Netherlands…


Gee, from Netherlands, it is funny because I was thinking about going either to UK or to Rotterdam, here in Spain the crash, the crisis is huge!

Thanks for the links! , I´ll check them later.