ports 135 detected


when i do a port scan on pcflank,i always port 135 detected closed,is not stealthed…
i try any firewalls,now i’ve comodo firewall and the problem is always the same…

How can i do to stealthed the port 135 ???

Thx for help me

nb:sorry for my bad english


Hi Bulit. welcome to the forums.

By default CFP stealths all ports.

Do you have a router? As it is important to note that when using web-side scans such as PC-Flank or GRC, that you are really testing your router rather than your software firewall (CFP) on the PC. CFP only sees what a router allows it to. If there are no entries in CFPs Log corresponding to the scan, then it likely that CFP didn’t see the scan at all.

Some ISPs hide their users behind a proxy which also invalidates such web-side scans & can produce some rather odd results.

Thx for u help,

i’ve router.i switch off the comodo firewall…i try any tests and…on pcflank i ve always port 135 closed,and other webist(grc,etc…) all my ports are shealthed…and i don’t know why only on webstit pcflank my port 135 is detected "closed ???

Thx for u help (L)

You have to bypass your router if you want to test CFP.
Don’t trust the portscanners to 100%, since they seem to give different results sometimes.
You are well protected with both a router and CFP. :wink: