Portable - whatever it is, make it portable.

Portable - whatever it is, make it portable.

That way it can be carried on a USB pen.

Portable software is the way of the future. My browser, email client and audio visual software are all portable.

That and if you have second thoughts about the registration for the firewall, drop the forced registration if you wish.

If the Comodo firewall could be made to be portable, probably a first, then that would be interesting.

There is a portable anti virus and an ever growing number of portable programs.

Uninstalling programs is a nightmare. Somethings are always left behind. A portable program does not have such a negative impact.



Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong. But a portable firewall would be next to useless. You on somebody elses computer it is their responsibility to make their PC secure, using whatever software they like. With a portable Firewall what would you be protecting? The data on your USB drive? But thats about it, and it is highly unlikely for your USB drive to get hacked. How would it protect you with the programs on the other PC? Each PC has different applications which means if you were to make a portable firewall then the firewall would have to adjust with the programs on that PC thus creating many popups, which people usually don’t like in a firewall (they like to set it and forget it). In the end I believe a portable firewall would not be very efficient. But I would like to hear what your ideas are on how we could make a portable firewall work.


A portable firewall simply means that it does not write to the registry, that it is complete and functional within its folder and subfolders.

Normally software installs. Some, particularly smaller programs have no install and just run, these are portable. An ever growing number of software applications are portable and also have an install, giving the end user the option to decide.

It isn’t about having a firewall on a USB pen. A USB pen is to move software between non connected computers. It is about, for example, having Comodo Firewall or any other software within a folder and sub folders which will run as normal.

Let us take Comodo Firewall as an example. To install this software you need to have a copy or download it from the internet. Then you need some bogus name and email account that you don’t really care about to get a one time registration. After that you install the software and it phones home to Comodo to check for updates and it links to this forum for discussion.

With a portable version you would have it updated as you like, pass the USB pen to a colleague who would then copy the main folder over, create a shortcut and run the program. The program would run as normal but the registry is untouched and nothing is installed.

Say tomorrow you wanted to change to another firewall. All you need to do is stop the program from running and delete the folder and shortcut.

When one considers the amount of registry entries, folders and files programs leave behind that are supposedly “uninstalled”, it becomes clear that to maintain a clean system, portable software is the way to go.

People won’t uninstall or delete software they like. So it really just becomes a matter of providing people with a choice. A full install the tradtional way or portability, which is growing very fast.

Comodo have got the jump on many businesses with their marketing strategy. I may never need their commerical products but I know the brand name. That is a marketing investment dream come true.

Person A - “Hey, we need an XYZ solution.”

Person B - “Comodo, they provide our firewall for free, which does a good job and they are in that XYZ business area.”

Person A - “Good thinking, lets see what they have to offer.”

Person B - “Here is their website, I have bookmarked it.”

As Comodo make a range of software titles and such a range is increasing it would seem by their thread about suggestions, portability becomes a real consideration.

Even one year ago portability was relatively new. Now do a search and you will find ever more dual options, traditional installations or portability.

About 70% of my applications, in number, are portable. When ever possible I choose a portable version.

A portable firewall does not make it less secure. If that is an issue people may install the tradtional way. For me and a growing number of people, portability is what I am seeking. My systems are secure and I work in a trusted environment.

I hope I have addressed your comments but if not please ask again.


Yes I understand now, you would only use it so you don’t have to install the full one which would write to the registry. I understand now :slight_smile:

That just gives an option. An install version and a portable (standalone) version. People may choose which suits them best. (:CLP)


Yes I understand that, however you wouldn’t be using the firewall with a portable device which kind of kills the idea of it being a portable version.

The idea of a portable firewall has the following benefits, which I prefer over an install.

  1. No install. The software just runs.

  2. No registry entry.

  3. If uninstalled no files or folders or registry entries are left behind.

Three reasons why I prefer portable applications. One is enough.


one more reason

if i reinstall my windows (happens sometimes (:TNG) )
i dont have to reinstall everything

here is my main reeson to shose portable over installed software

in my arsenal i have the folowing portable aplications

Adobe Photoshop CS2 portable
Dreamweaver Portable
Opera 9 Portable
Truecrypt Portable
Miranda Portable

varius portable video/music software

varius portable Networking software
(including a portable firewall, just a very basic one caled FirewallPApi, but it does its jobb, blocking ports, thats what a basic firewall should do)

varius portable Mindmaping software

varius data recovery software

and since i have 3 pc:s i have a… hold your breath… “portable” realtime sync software called DSynchronize that syncs my portable apps folder, my documents and my desktop folder on all pc:s…so if i install a new portable software on on pc:1 it replicates on every pc and if i need to go… i only grab my lifebook and… well u see i to like it portable

I use Portable Firefox, Portable Thunderbird and many others including a very rare portable Nero :wink:

A portable Comodo Firewall would be excellent. Where settings are now stored in the registry, they could be stored in a folder.

We could have profiles, eg folder 1 = computer 1 settings, folder 2 = computer 2, folder 3 = generic setting for setup X and so on.

The days of software writing to the registry are numbered. That method is inferior to portability, less secure, and more of a hassle.

I do understand that in some circumstances, settings will need to be limited to administrators. However, that requirement ought not, in my view, restrict the freedom of usage requested by others.

I have a question regarding file associations with portable utilities.

eg: How does one go about telling a psd to open with a portable version of photoshop. I’ve tried mucking around in my registry, but I can’t figure it out. Is there a simple way to do this? It’s a pain to have to re-navigate to a file from the utility I’m using, when I’m looking at the thing in my explorer. Also, how can I make illustrator chose another portable utility as an external editor. Right now, it keeps trying to use notepad to edit jpegs.

Other than this I’m pretty stoked on portable software, what a pleasure!

how about: right click the file and chose “open with” in order to associate that file type with the desired program.

This is the downisde to portable applications. For them to be truly portable, there can be no association between the app and the system it’s running on. The righ-click, “Open with…” trick would seem to be the closest thing to a solution.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewin,

I know this probably seems like a stupid question, but how do I get the “open with…” dialogue to show a portable exe?


Right click and on the OPEN WITH sub-menu there should be a “Choose Program” option. Select this and inthe window that opens click the BROWSE button and navigate to the portable application.

Ewen :–)

Hi Ewen,

When I browse to the protable exe file, it doesn’t add it to the open with dialogue. I justs goes to notepad. do you know why that is?