Portable Installation Without Admin Rights

I was wondering whether Comodo Dragon could be installed on a system where one doesn’t have the administrator password. Clicking on the main installer icon automatically pops up the UAC message, and closing that window doesn’t allow you to continue to the portable version of installation.

Is there a safe, preferably non-buggy way around this? I would imagine a file containing purely the portable files, or an upload to a file sharing service where the entirety can be downloaded would suffice. Thanks in advance.

If you have the rights, the exe is only an archive, so you could just unpack the files using something like 7-zip.

Aha. And from there, one could e-mail themselves the unpacked archive and open it on another computer. Makes sense.

It does not make sense to me. Explain that. What is the exact process? What if we do not have a copy of 7Zip? Can we open the C D installer through IZArc, which is supposed to be able to handle 7z files? The C D installer has an EXE extension, not a 7z extension.

I only suggested 7-zip because it’s free, open source, portable and unpacks most things, including NSIS packed executables, like Dragon. You can get the PortableApps version here If you don’t want to use 7-zip, any archive utility that supports NSIS will do. As far as the exact process, just treat the exe as if it were a zip file.