Portable Download Manager

Any good free portable download manager?

Portable freedownloadmanager does not work on my system.

Win 7 64 Bits

What browsers do you use ?

What do you mean by “Portable FDM” does not work ? What exactly is the problem you are facing ?
I am using it on my system, Win 7 x64 without any issues for almost 2 years.

If you are using Firefox portable, the “DownThemAll” extension may serve your needs. It will also be portable.

I use internet explorer 9 & Comodo Dragon.

I use IE for FDM.

You can make portable version of FDM from the installed version.

I installed FDM on Win 7 64 & made a portable version. After uninstalling FDM, tried portable version but the portable version gives error cannot initiate not properly installed.

Tried the portable version from portableapps.com & the same error.

Both the above works perfectly fine on XP SP3 32 here.

But not working on Win 7 64.


Try this and tell me what happened. It’s 7zip archive, unzip to any drive and run fdm.exe.

By the way, make sure that CIS does not block it…

Downloading now…

Is this created on your system?

Do you also use protable FDM?

Can portable FDM be updated?


It is not giving any error.

The settings & addon is fine & enabled.

But I am not getting FDM download window. Still getting IE download window.

I download & installed FDM.

The installed version works fine.

How can you expect the Portable FDM to integrate with any browser unless you set it to.

Try this as shown in the screen shot below and tell me.

[attachment deleted by admin]

When I tried my portable version the integration was ticked.

Your package didn’t have the integration ticked.

Now I tried with ticked & the same error, cannot initiate FDM, not installed properly.

As you can see in my screen shot, IE integration is already ticked.

Besides, which version of IE are you using , IE or IE x64 ?

IE 32 Bits.

it should work fine, as FDM portable is an x86 app…

You say portable version can be updated.

But even when I try to update through GUI i.e check for updates, it either keeps on checking for a long time or gives error update failed or cannot be updated, something like this.

How portable version updates?

the GUI update does not work, instead I manually update it to newer versions, since mine is not a PortableApps app.

You can download and install the latest FDM, copy and paste the contents here and uninstall FDM, that’s what I always do.

I downloaded from the official site again, installed, created a portable version.

Now its working fine.

Thanxx for your help & time.

Happy to know that.