Portable Apps

What are your favorite portable apps?

portable web browsers are nice (opera and firefox)

There’s a huge choice, as illustrated e.g. at:

In the same spirit, my “favourite” is not a standalone application, but a whole multiboot usb stick allowing me to run dos, linux, bartpe, and several applications for each.

But it’s not really portable everywhere, as it needs to reboot the guest computer.

Firefox Portable.
Because at my college still use Ie6. >:(

Can portable apps be run from the laptop, computers or it should only be run from usb, pendrive.


sure it can.

You can copy program folder to Hard disk and run it.

You mean I can download portable apps on laptop & run, right??


SIW - System Information for Windows To see what’s happening on the PC.
EssentialPIM Portable Edition Calendar, Contacts etc always on hand
CoolPlayer+ Portable It just plays music, includes easy loading of the songlist and shuffle.

Yep, many of my apps are ‘portable’ and live in a folder I created in My Documents.
For instance, the ones I listed above are permanently on my Netbook and are copied to my USB FlashDrive and SD Card at regular intervals using the wonderful SyncToy (not portable)
This keeps a safe copy and means I can use them as truly portable apps when needed as well :slight_smile:

All the best, woz of oz

Thanxx a lot frds