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I am a noob so please forgive my ignorance. I like to you a USB drive with Portable Apps launcher and Portable Firefox. Each time I mount the drive and open Firefox Portable, I go through the same multiple pop ups. I have the box selected to save the rule but each time I unmount the drive and re-install I have to go through the process.

If I select Training Mode it seems to solve the problem. I am not sure if I should leave it in the Training Mode or what to do. Please help…


Hi hawker,
Don’t leave it in the Training Mode :slight_smile:
Sometimes I use portable Firefox from my system HDD and I had all those multiple pop ups too. Only solution is to mark FirefoxPortable.exe as Trusted Application. I don’t know if it works for USB.

BTW FirefoxPortable.exe amnesia wasn’t in previous CFP version.

Thanks, I did add Firefox to trusted app and it seems to be working

Thanks again javascript:void(0);

Nope I was wrong, this firewall program is a pain in the ass… I tried every possible combination of trusted apps on firewall and defense +.

This is a huge disappointment.


I have the FW set to Train with safe mode and D+ to Clean PC mode and am having no such problems using FirefoxPortable.

Make sure not to purge your Network Security Policy with the USB unattached.

As I said above as long as you don’t purge the FW or D+ after the USB is removed CFP will save the settings, but is possible to save the settings, remove the USB and purge?


Use Training Mode temporarily…


I did that. The problem is, once you detach the USB and then purge, any app on the stick is purged. Is it possible to exclude F:\portableapps* in D+ and FW policies from being purged when it’s off the system?

Have you checked Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy & Defense+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy for anything related?

Check other logs too. Make sure nothing is blocked. If others are having the same issue and can re produce the possible bug it may be worth Egemen or other developers looking at.


I wouldn’t call it a bug per se. It’s like I have a program installed, you go through the routine of allowing rules or setting predefined rules and later uninstall the software. CFP figures, since it’s not installed, it’s not of consequence anymore and purges it (when I hit the purge button and remove).

I suppose I refrain from purging… (:AGY)

I was having the same issue and what a PAIN! I did resolve it though. Here’s how:

  • Double Click Comodo Task Tray Icon
  • Select Defense +
  • Select Common Tasks
  • Select My Own Safe Files; window opens showing all the files you have said are safe.
  • Select add from upper right and then browse files
  • Check box in lower left “Include Files from subfolders too”
  • Under Existing Items list, select the root drive letter of your USB (portable apps)
  • Move it over to the Selected Items list
  • Click Apply

This will select all the .exe and .dll files on your USB drive and put them in your Safe Files list. This list is personal additions to the list Comodo has that renders other software safe when you initially install CFP.

This fixed the issue for me, now I happily plug and unplug my USB and run my portable apps without annoying pop-ups.

Hope this works for you.


Thanks great. Thanks. However, I wonder if you if you purge, as I do when I uninstall software if it will save them. Seems like it would. I’ll try and report back

Not sure I want to try it and loose my list. According to the help "Use the ‘Purge’ feature to scan the list for files that no longer exist on your system and remove them from the “My Pending Files’ list.”

My assumption is if the portable apps USB was not plugged in then it would purge those out.

-UPDATE- I hit purge. It went through the list and then a popup came up with what it wanted to remove from my list (none of my USB apps was on the list), I confirmed it was and it was removed. All my portable apps remained.


Good to hear. After going through all my portable apps, I’m about to try and confirm

Update: I followed your directions to a T, and all my portable apps were on the list to purge. Of course, I didn’t, but it would be nice to have an option, check box, to purge what you wanted. Maybe in future versions.

Was your USB drive plugged in?


Unplugged my USB, purged, all my port apps came up on the list to OK for purge. Cancelled.

Plugged the USB back in and ran purge again. None of my potable apps came up.


None of my portable apps are listed in “purge (in D+ security policies)” with the USB plugged in, only when I remove it. It’s only a problem when I want to purge an uninstalled app without the USB being plugged in. If there were a check box like in pending files, it would be easy.