Port numbers and ICMP

I think the help file of Comodo should include a list of assigned port numbers and another list of ICMP Types and Codes.


Thanks for the link :-TU

I think having the links in the Help file is a good idea. :slight_smile:

Wikipedia has a list of port numbers with better format and information about unofficial port numbers (e.g. port 1026 is more commonly used for DCOM than for “Calendar Access Protocol”)

However wikipedia cannot be used as a trusted source because anyone can write and edit anything.

I think that Comodo Firewall should include a list of most common official and unofficial port numbers and ICMP Types and Codes in the help file, not only as a link, as people may not want or be unable to use internet when they need that information.

I think ICMP Types and Codes should have their description shown as the ballon tip when the mouse pointer is over them in the firewall’s event log.

Unfortunately the IANA port assignments are guidelines, and the actual usage of ports varies highly. Comodo cannot warrant that the ports seen in the firewall have anything to do with IANA assignments, and it often requires significant additional research to figure out what is being used. ICMP types are pretty stable, but I don’t think Comodo Help files should be in the business of supplanting IANA and providing independent explanations of this material. If a user can’t look it up, it will probably be difficult to interpret in many cases also. Now in the FAQ section, it would be very useful material, with summaries and references. :slight_smile: