Port not open

I am having a problem keeping port 13429 open for uTorrent. I have followed the advice on this forum and created a global rule in CIS ( moved this rule to the top of the list ) and have also set uTorrent as a trusted application. The port sometimes stays open for a while but this does not last long - download speed then very slow 10kB/s.
I am using CIS version 4.1.150349.920.
My pc is running windows XP with SP3.
My internet connection is through a BT line with O2 - i use their router and they confirm there is no firewall on the router.

does your router have the ability to set up port forwarding?

Thanks for your reply.
Not sure whether my router has this ability. I have a call out to O2 for help.
I logged this problem on a few sites and there has been a general reluctance to help. I guess file sharing / use of torrent software has a bad image.
Anyway thanks for your time.

When there is a router, regardless whether it has a firewall or not, the required port(s) need to be opened on that router as well as in the firewall on your computer.

Opening port(s) can be done in two ways:

  • The classical-old fashioned way. Open the port on your router and set a fixed internal IP address on your computer. http://portforward.com/ is a useful site for this
  • The automatic way by letting uTorrent open the port using the Universal Plug and Play (uPnP)framework. Almost if not all contemporary routers support this.

May be you need to enable uPnP. Read How to enable the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) in Windows XP .