Port: nbdgram(138)

hey everyone! i need some help determining what this port is. about every minute its blocked by comodo. i first blocked it because i didnt know what it was. the application thats run is System, protocol is udp. the ip is the same as mine except the last three. is this my router? or someone or something else?

here is what GRC’s “port authority” says about port 138:


you can access GRC’s “port authority” from GRC’s “shields up” webpage, where it says “look up specific port information”… here is the link for “GRC”:

i disable “netbios” in my “network settings”… those ports are normally used for “netbios”…

if you want more information about “port 138”, you could do a google-search, searching for “port 138”…


Check this excellant thread by Toggie.
Also have you accessed your router(eg 192.168.*.1 in the address bar) to see if there are any extra security features in there you can facilitate or things you can turn off eg, reply to ping from WAN


ps this sounds more like another computer on your network so it may be worth checking them out.
Your router 192.168..1
Your computer 192.168.
Another computer on your LAN 192.168..**
Also if you do change any settings write down what you did then if something doesn`t work you can easy change it back.