i want to open 1 port (6112) for a game (company of heroes)


buffalo WBMR G54 (ADSL router) connected by ethernet to pc running windows xp pro
static ip

i am using V3 and since installing have not been able to get this port (or any port) to open using every guide on this forum i could find, i check the port status with port detective (gave up on GRC, different results) and looking at firewall logs allways blocks 6112

i have to disable CF to open the port…obviously im not doing the right thing but i cant find any guide (including the online help that comes with the firewall) that explains in plain english how to open a port for an appliaction - i tried the utorrent guide but it doesnt make sense for one port…please help as i know comodo products ROCK albait very techie

You do not need to port forward Comodo to make games work. I play all games even COH and it works fine. Put the Firewall and D+ in training mode. See my thread here. https://forums.comodo.com/frequently_asked_questions_faq_for_comodo_firewall/a_note_to_gamers-t20008.0.html

If you want to port forward your modem/router then go here.

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Just create this rule for the game executable, and as a global rule:

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: In
Source Adress: Any
Destination Adress:
Source Port: Any
Destination Port: 6112

Be sure to place it above all red blocking rules.


thanks for your prompt replies - i followed ragwing’s suggestion and its worked :BNC

port detective reports it open

GRC still says its stealthed - does anyone know why that is?

If you are behind a router this is usually 95% of why they say ports are open. When I port scan with my router on any port scans I get the “Results” saying they are open. But when I take away the Router and connect just via Modem(no hardware firewall) it shows all ports stealthed (default comodo settings stealth ports) Im 95% sure you are fine in this case. However if you are to test again without a router or hardware firewall and get the same results then we would have a problem. But like I said i’m 95% sure you are fine.

It should only be reported as open when CoH is running. Else it should be stealth.
Go to Shields Up! and do a User Specified Custom Port Probe on 6112, when CoH isn’t running, and when it is.