Port Forwarding

Hi there everyone. Newbie here with dumb and probably simple question.

To enable uTorrent do i just define a port in the Port sets/ Add a ne port area.
Or do i have to port forward (haven’t a clue)
uTorrent is so slow, i just wanna speed the thing up.
??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Hi beavis1811, you might wanna check out this post:


It should answer most of what you want to know, especially if you’re using Version 3, are you? If not it’s still a good reference.

If you’re using a router you might need to forward whatever port utorrent is using. http://portforward.com/ is an excellent resource to assist you with that.

I’d also google “configure utorrent” or something else similar, lots of sites on that stating what options to check/not to check.


corrected url for you - Soya