Port 81

Hi comodo users (:WAV)

Is it safe to add port 81 to the http port set?

Sure, if you trust the website that uses it. You just need to be sure it is not being used to bypass things like virus scanners or firewall webshields that look on port 80 only. Adding a separate rule to ask about TCP connections to strange ports may be safer.

So if I add port 81 to my http set and surf the internet is that a potential security risk?

So adding a separate rule to ask about TCP connections to strange ports, will that stop it from bypassing things like virus scanners or firewall web shields? Could you please tell me how to do this?

Is it enough that my firewall has stealthed ports?

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Should be OK to just add the port if you are a reasonably safe surfer. The virus scanners and D+ actually look at things that try to execute later anyway; you just need to pay attention to the messages. Stealthed ports are for incoming connection attempts, not http requests that you originate.

sorry for asking so many questions. If I leave port 81 as part of the set and just surf can a website possibly do anything to my computer?

No more than if you use port 80 as usual. Just a point to be extra cautious about the popups if you are using a site with unusual ports.

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I just have one more question, when you say extra cautious about popups is the security the same with port 80 as with port 81.

Again, Thanks for all the help. :SMLR

In CFP the security is the same. If you are using other security software, you may lose some scanning features from them.