Port 80 - How to secure


i just got the comodo personal firewall installed and so far i am liking every byte of it. i’m still learning the ropes and i figured that i join the comodo forums to get some more information about the product.

i went through 2 online port scans from hackerwatch and portsense and i did get the same results. they mentioned that my http port 80 is open and unsecure.

what i try to do was configure CPF…

BLOCK TCP or UDP In/Out from IP [Any] to IP [Any] where source port is 80 and destination port is 80.

went through the port scans again and it still sees that port 80 is open.

How should i configure CPF to secure port 80? If it gets secured, would i still be able to connect to the internet?

Thank you so much in advance and more power to comodo!


Hi and welcome to the forum! If you block port 80, you won’t have internet so this is a false reading. You have to have port 80 open. No matter what, for communication if you block all your ports , you can’t communicate. Do you mean stealthed? Did you install in auto mode?


hello paul,

hey thanks for the quick reply and thanks for the information.

i guess that’s what i meant, hide port 80. sorry for the confusion.

since i am fairly new to the product, i believe i installed it auto and did not bother to go into advance setup. if there is any setup that i missed and i should have done, please let me know.

again, thank you very much for the quick reply. appreciate the knowldge.


Hi, are you behind a router? Do you have applications using this currently?


Edit: Forgot to mention, if your port 80 is not stealthed\closed, you will have to configure it on your router.


yes we are behind a router.
i think we’d better look into the setting then.
thank you very much!


No problem. The router will determine your stealth\closed on this. :wink: