Port 4567 reported open; How to close?

XP3 Home Edition, IE 8, Firefox 3.6.8. Actiontec GT701 DSL modem.

See thread about, reply posted earlier today.

Before this modem went down, all scans showed stealth when modem was set to high configuration. After reinstallation of firmware, both ICMP in and port 4567 triggered alerts when scanned.

Port 4567 is identified as “File Nail Trojan”

No intrusions are reported by the firewall component of CIS Free.

Actiontec has been unable to help me with this issue. I understand a fix, if any, is not planned anytime soon.

What are the rules I can create in CIS firewall to cover port 4567? Should this be a concern, especially since CIS cannot be seen by internet scanners?

You can create a firewall global rule that blocks all traffic from/to that port.

Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy > Global Rules > Add

Hope this helps.