port 23 telnet

Hi, I want to ask if it’s ok to use program which establishes connection via remote port 23 telnet to my pc, should I be concerned about security?

I remember telnet, that old school stuff

remote port 23 telnet [u][b][i]to[/i][/b][/u] my pc
What program is that?? Or are you assigning a piece of software to use port 23 because generally port 23 is known for telnet sessions or at least thats how I used it back in the day. Also telnet as default doesn't encrypt data over the connections

telnet = remote login <—So by that you want to use that for remote access TO your machine as long YOU are doing it

What software did you plan on using port 23 for, if i may ask

It’s Playchess software, a p2p program. This I see in Currports: “Remote port 23 telnet ds80-237-188-70.dedicated.hosteurope.de Established”. I heard that telnet is security risk, that’s why I,m asking…

Playchess software
I never used that, but then again I dont play chess. I looked it up, [b]assuming[/b] you got it from the official site. It shouldn't be a problem. It looks like it's setup so your basicly a client on the online chess server. Some online games are like that.

The good news is playchess and telnet is 2 different things :slight_smile:

ah ok, I just didn’t like that name :a0

P2p programs may sometimes use odd ports to communicate. Assuming the access request is meant for Playchess it’s not a problem.

Without a doubt you should be concerned. Your not just giving access to their software but also built in commands and access to your OS. Why anyone would want to use an assigned port like Telnet for a game ?

Go to → Control Panel → Programs and Features → Turn Windows features on or off, in the dialog that pops up uncheck “Telnet Client”.

It should be disabled by default.

sAyer in windows features telnet client and server is indeed turned off.

Without a doubt you should be concerned

then do you advise me uninstalling it? is it really dangerous? I’m not techy myself, just like reading about computer security sometimes…

Looks safe to me based on the facts and user-base. I was just commenting on the strange use of port 23 and the possibility of exploitation. The software is not enabling Telnet so it seems safe.

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Ok, thank you all for answers.